DDnard is Asia’s most sought-after self help guru and mind healer and Thailand’s all-time bestseller author of the Life Compass series of books. To date, she has sold over 1.5 million copies of her books worldwide.

Her innovation of Life Compass methods that she developed in response to her own extreme hardship has touched and transformed millions of people’s lives for the very best. Her worldwide fan base looks to and follows her Compass teachings and healing methods in order to mend their own heart, step out of their comfort zone, and live their life to the fullest.

DDnard's story is an intriguing and inspirational one. She earned her Master of Science in economics from the University of London at the age of 20 and another Master degree in Business Administration, before starting her own successful diamond business at 25.

In 1997, her world crashed upon the sudden death of her husband, leaving her with a debt inheritance of US $3 million while their baby was only 11 months old. It was at this point that she began exploring Buddhist meditation to help her cope and provide her the insight and inner contentment, which ultimately helped her in managing to pay off all debts within two years. She then helped others by volunteering in meditation teachings, which help guided people to be mindful, let go of their misery, and gain emotional and financial freedom.

By 35, she retired from the diamond business and moved to live a peaceful life with her son at a beach house and a river house before starting to write the Compass series books as her gift of wisdom to the world.

Her books soon became the all-time bestselling books of Thailand. The Life Compass series have touched hearts and warm souls of millions. Since then, she has been invited to give her insights on hundreds of TV and radio shows, in magazines and newspapers, and at various government and non-government organizations.

Every month she teaches 3-day and 7-day classes of Compass Mind Management (CMM), with her innovative methods of mind healing for sustainable happiness and true freedom of life--financially and emotionally. Her students from around the world have their lives transformed, stopped their vicious cycles, unleashed their full potential, and lived their life with a purpose.

She continues her contribution to community by hosting Compass Meditation Retreats fours times a year at a mountain resort in Thailand for hundreds of participants and their family to come meditate for three days with all expenses paid by her charity fund.

DDnard is also the founder of Life Compass Co., Ltd., and Compass NLP Co., Ltd., which conduct free Happiness Compass Seminars for thousands of people from all walks of life twice a year. She also gives countless of Compass Inspirational Talks at prisons, hospitals, military bases, police forces, temples, schools, universities, and government organizations throughout Thailand to uplift their spirits and move their lives forward.

Her one-day Super Talk show has also transformed thousands of people and helped them stepped out of their comfort zone with strong inner strength. All proceeds from the upcoming Super Talk Show on June 8, 2014, will also go to the families of sacrificing Thai soldiers.


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