The Compass Of Now By DDnard Book Review

DDnard sure is an inspiring women: widowed at 27, the mother of an 11 month old and $3 million in debt. She managed to pay off the debts she inherited from her husband and become a multi-millionaire. Quite a remarkable accomplishment and it is hard to not be impressed.

Now she has a bestselling book. 1.4 million copies sold to be exact. Reading the book it is easy to see why. You come out the other end inspired and with a better outlook on life. The book is easy to read and well illustrated. The step-by-step guide is easy to follow, far from being condescending; the advice is brilliant and concise, helping you to change the way you think and set your compass to now. There are good quotes and thought-provoking stories along with the advice.

In a way the book brings you back to yourself. DDnard brings ancient wisdom to her goals and instead of being crushed about losing her husband; becomes stronger and clears $3 million of debt. In a way The Compass of Now is a guide to positivity. It brings you back down to ancient wisdom and away from the negative aspects of thinking and living. Although there is a spiritual aspect to the book, it adds to the book and no religion is shoved down your throat. In fact, even non-religious people can benefit and be spiritual. This is a very good, inspirational book. Even people who don’t like self-help books will love it.

By 27, she owed £2million.

By 29, she was debt-free.

By 35, she was worth £4million.

The Compass of Now follows one woman’s incredible journey from destitute widow to one of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders.

It documents, in moving detail, how she fought back from the brink of financial ruin just months after giving birth and then suddenly losing husband to a heart attack, and emerged emotionally stronger – and significantly richer – than she could have ever imagined.

But The Compass of Now is more than just an inspirational success story. It is the definitive guide to taking control of your finances – and your life. It’s step-by-step advice to financial and emotional freedom has already made the book a global phenomenon with more than 1.4million sales worldwide.

Author and self-help guru DDnard is the bestselling writer of all time in her native Thailand and one of the country’s most sought-after celebrities. She is now set to become a household name in Britain with the release of an English-language version of The Compass of Now, which hits the shelves for the first time this month.

This internationally-acclaimed title, released through Life Compass Publishing, merges the best of Eastern and Western world thinking, mindfulness and emotional healing techniques to reveal the practical, tried-and-tested steps that Brits – including the estimated 70 per cent in debt – can take in order to:

- Manage and overcome personal debt

- Become financially and emotionally free

- Unleash their full potential and live life to the fullest

Speaking about the 216-page, full-colour paperback, DDnard, who lives in Bangpakong, Thailand, said: “This inspiring book is filled with the message of hope and personal strength, and will help you come to understand that your future truly is in your own hands.”


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