Review: The Compass of Now

This week I have been reading DDnard ‘s bestselling book The Compass of Now. DDnard is a best-selling self-help writer and spiritual healer from Thailand. She has sold over 1.4 million copies.

In her book she tells the remarkable story of how she turned her life around from having debts of over $2 million to a fortune of over $4 million. All as she was coping with being recently widowed. She also runs retreats and speaks all over the world. I was hooked form the start I wanted to know how she achieved this. I was expecting positive affirmations, organisation tips and inspiring quotes.

What I got instead was a lesson in mindfulness, Being quiet observing how you feel rather than being subsumed by it. Not trying to make everything as you want it. This is a beautifully illustrated book full of stories as examples, it makes you think and wonder if maybe striving so hard to control things is what cause s half our problems.

It is an interesting read that encourages you to be in control of not victim to your fears and passions.

Well worth a read.

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